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Concordia creams Queen’s Model UN Competition

by Timothy Weynerowski February 12, 2014
Concordia creams Queen’s Model UN Competition

Concordia University electrified the competition during Queen’s annual Model UN competition, held Feb. 6-9. The Political Science Student Association’s delegation came prepared, and all that bottled energy erupted during intense negotiations, giving way to a heated debate between the competitors.

The competition was divided among several committees, including the Security Council, UNDP, UNCSTD, Historical Council, African Union and ECOSOC.

Several of the Queen’s competitors did not show up to the competition, or were unavailable due to prioritizing their classes. Due to the amount of time and money spent by the PSSA on this competition, Concordia undergrads were more prepared, admitted David Orr, second year political science student at Queen’s, and co-organizer of the competition, along with his sister, Anne Orr.

In the Security Council, tensions mounted when the delegate of China, who had allegedly participated in nearly 40 MUN competitions, was found to be a friend of the chair of the committee. The chair did not respect Points of Order made by Concordia students when China’s representative went over his speaking time, and had a difficult time finally censuring him.

The competition was not taken seriously by many Queen’s undergrads, and several Concordia students have pledged never to go back.

In ECOSOC, however, committee work was taken the most seriously, and resolutions were passed including ones to solve Offshore Financing issues, and Narcotics trafficking, at least until the last day, when “Manitoban Bear Riders,” sent by your own Concordian-Canadian delegate Tim Weynerowski, crossed the Pacific to attack Mexico, while Monaco went cruising on a mission to solve World Peace, with 5000 bottles of Dom Perignon in hand.

Apparently, the last day of the competition is never taken seriously, as winning delegates are already selected by Day 3, which Concordia was unaware of, leading to some bruised egos. However, many were mended when unexpected awards were received.

Although Concordia represented only 13 out of 146 delegates, they took home nearly half the prizes, listed as follows:

  • Jawoon Kim won “Best Delegate of the UNDP,” which qualifies as  first place.

  • Javier Eduardo Valbuena Ramirez won “Best Delegate of the African Union,”, which qualifies as  first place.

  • Michael Morgan won “Best Delegate of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development,” which qualifies as  first place.

  • Sanmini Koffi won “Honourable Mention of the African Union, which qualifies as second place.

  • Princess Tchatat won “Honourable Mention of the Historical Security Council,” which qualifies as  second place.

  • Tim Skinny Weynerowski won “Honourable Mention of the ECOSOC,” which qualifies as  second place.

  • Mathieu Rouleau won “Honourable Mention of the Security Council,” which qualifies as second place, and “Honourable Mention for the Casino Night.”

  • Gemma Acco won “Best Dressed Award.”

Bruised egos aside, disregarding the tiny co-sex rooms, the smell of burnt popcorn in a small space, five beds narrowly crammed into a 6 by 10 foot room, seeing more than you like of someone’s body, and losing your clothes under someone else’s, massive hangovers, and kerfuffles, the experience was incredibly positive for all of the PSSA, and I would like to thank Queen’s for their hospitality. We all learnt something and took it home with us; we all started off as colleagues and left with friends we will keep in touch with for the rest of our lives.

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