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Dear Justin Bieber…

by Marco Saveriano February 4, 2014
Dear Justin Bieber…

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So, how was jail? Was it as entertaining as it looks on Orange Is The New Black? Did you meet anybody special? A 300-pound man named Shirley perhaps? Did Selena Gomez leave you a laughter-filled voicemail?

All jokes aside, do you realize how stupid you look right now?  Or that you could’ve seriously hurt somebody? Not only were you driving at twice the legal speed limit, but you were high and had been drinking. I don’t care if you’re ‘young and stupid’ — we’re the same age. I don’t buy that excuse.

Now, let’s discuss your fans for a second. I’m not going to lecture you about being a role model or about how impressionable your young audience is because honestly, that’s not your problem. It’s not a 19-year-old singer’s job to teach large numbers of children right from wrong. Parents are supposed to do that.

Your (very dedicated) fanbase was obviously devastated after hearing about your arrest, as hashtags like “#FreeBieber” and “#PrayForJustin” were trending on Twitter.  Thousands of teenage girls worldwide are petitioning for the freedom of a stranger who was just arrested for something as reckless as a DUI. There’s something very wrong with that fact.

Then again, we’re talking about the same fans who trended the hashtag “#CutForJustin.” It worries me that they’re so dedicated to you, and that they cannot understand or accept the fact that you did something illegal.

Growing up, I poured over gossip magazines, yet here I am, completely normal. I witnessed some of my favourite stars do incredibly stupid things and I never once thought, ‘Hmm, driving drunk and getting arrested looks fun’! What I’m trying to tell you is simple: it’s time to grow up. It would be one thing if you were still a regular teenager back in Stratford, where you could egg a neighbour’s house or get in a fight, and it wouldn’t be headlining news. Unfortunately, you’re not. You’re an internationally known celebrity, and you know that everything you do is documented and discussed.

I know that you’re young and this is when you’re supposed to make mistakes, but didn’t you learn a lesson after the whole Brazilian brothel debacle a few months back? Or after the many assault allegations? If you really didn’t learn your lesson, then one would think you’d smarten up after egging your neighbour’s house, but you didn’t.

I don’t know about the people you hang out with, but my friends would definitely not put up with me acting like that. Where’s your mother?! Where’s your father? Oh wait, he was right beside you when you got arrested. Maybe we found the problem.

I think it’s time you take a well-deserved break from the spotlight. You’re a laughing stock right now, but it’s only a matter of time until the next celebrity “downward spiral” takes over the headlines. So, what I mean to say is stop being a douchebag, accept the consequences of your actions, and just pray that you don’t get deported. Trust me, Canada doesn’t want you any more than America does.

Yours truly,


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Alex February 5, 2014 - 02:06

A very poorly written article and I am ashamed it came from the Concordian. So much more could have been done with the subject stemming from the fact that it deals with something that occurs quite often – substance and power abuse stemming from the celebrity lifestyle.

The open letter style article that was perhaps set out to be written quickly turned into a trashy, 14 year old gossip magazine without any particular meaning other than an author’s own personal condescension towards Bieber. There are several lines that are particularly rude and hateful. Casting this type of response towards Bieber, albeit his actions, makes the author no better than his own criticism against Bieber: documentation and following. People read these articles; people feed off of hate and irresponsible action.

Referring to someone repeatedly in such a derogative manner (re: “laughing stock”, “stupid”, “douchebag” etc.) in conjunction with harsh comments regarding Bieber’s lack of proper parental guidance brings out the insensitivity of the author. While not everyone is required to sympathize with him; this is very harsh, and certainly does not necessitate the author to even try to parallel his own life to Bieber’s (although I’m sure the author and the author’s friends have a lot in common with Bieber & crew).

As a fellow Canadian I would like to add that Justin Bieber is always welcome back in Canada. On this I agree with the author that perhaps some time off would be beneficial – a little time at home in order to reflect on what caused him to loose sight of his original goals and passion for music in the midst of money and adulthood. While Bieber is off reflecting, it might be of interest for the author to do the same and ponder as to whether he would like to write the same hateful articles written in every gossip magazine, or something of substance.

Jocelyn Beaudet February 5, 2014 - 17:05

I feel obligated to address your criticism, considering the monumental lack of evidence to back up your statements.

Firstly the article itself is written just fine. There’s no leaps and bounds of logic, the grammar’s fine and the composition is fairly standard. The content is opinionated just as you would expect from something being posted in the opinions section of a publication. You may disagree with the topic, but that hardly makes the article “poorly written”, but rather “in poor taste” (in your opinion). This is all well and fine, but please don’t insult the writer for an error he didn’t commit.

Secondly, for someone who claims the writer was “particularly rude and hateful” is interesting, considering you’re insulting the quality of his work, calling it ” trashy, 14 year old gossip magazine” material. For someone who feels like they stand on moral high-ground, you seem immune to these pitfalls of logical discourse. Or perhaps your snide comparison to the writer and his negative perceived view of Bieber constitute as a rebuttal that’s dignified and respectful for you? Either way, your rhetoric is nothing short of disingenuous and ill-constructed.

By all means you’re allowed to disagree with the writer, your loyalties to Bieber aside, but please don’t claim moral high-grounds when all you can construct as a counter-argument is riddled with circular logic and strawman arguments.


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