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Where to eat …

by The Concordian September 2, 2014
Where to eat …

Let’s give them something to taco about
by Michelle Gamage

Students searching for authentic and affordable Mexican food near campus rejoice; Tacos is here.

Photo by Michelle Gamage

Serving up a small homemade menu packed full of fresh ingredients is husband and wife Roberto and Karla Ocampo, owners and chefs of Tacos, a nook-in-the-wall restaurant on Westminster Ave. North, located five minutes from Loyola on foot. “In Mexico, you don’t go to school to learn how to cook. It’s just something you know since you’re small,” said Mexican-born Karla. The skills she’s honed since she was a little bambina show. Get one softshell taco with cilantro, melt-in-your-mouth marinated meat and guacamole for $3, or three for $8.

Vegetarian options are available too. Bring some change with you because it’s cash only. The duo has been in the restaurant industry most of their lives, but decided to open a small taco shop this past February. “Tacos are a good idea for a snack,” said Roberto. And snack you should. The marinated pork and fresh sausage tacos are the top sellers, but students should sample the entire menu before declaring their favourite. “We keep a small menu because we want to keep things fresh,” said Karla, so it won’t take you long to sample the works. Three tacos is a decent lunch, and six would be a sizable dinner. For their fresh, tasty, and affordable menu Tacos receives five stars.

Open daily for lunch and dinner. 30 Westminster Ave. North.

Café X will exceed your expectations
by Robin Stanford

Café X is one of the SGW campus’ best kept secrets, beloved for the $1 coffee (when you bring your own mug) and earl grey cake. This student-run, non-profit business is devoted to providing friendly service and delicious food at a good price.

Photo by Robin Stanford

The Café can be found at two locations on the SGW campus, one in the Visual Arts building (VA-229), the other in the EV building (EV 7.750). The Visual Arts location features a small serving counter and a large sitting area. The cozy lounge boasts comfortable seating and lots of natural light—ideal for getting some work done or relaxing with friends—not to mention there is also an art gallery next door where you can take in the latest exhibit. The EV location is a little out of the way and is better suited as a take-out counter than a café. The Café is usually filled with a steady stream of regulars who make this homey  spot their own. In addition to coffee, Café X  offers an ever-changing variety of baked goods and hot plates. Over 14 local businesses and Concordia students cater for the café, giving it a selection you won’t soon bore of. All items on sale are vegetarian, with many vegan and gluten free options as well.

Visit Café X at EV 7.750 or VA-229. Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8:45am to 8:00pm, Friday 8:45am to 5:00pm (EV) ; Monday 8:45am-7pm/Friday 8:45am-4pm (VA).

*note: Café X will be under progressive return hours for the first two weeks of session. They will close at 4 and 5 pm the first week, 5 and 6 pm the second week. Full hours will take effect the week of Sept 15th*

Let Totem Tea and Spice spice up your life
by Sara Baron-Goodman

Photo by Sara Baron-Goodman

Just a short walk away from the Loyola Campus, Totem Tea and Spice is an inviting and scrumptious lunch spot.

With a selection of over 65 loose-leaf teas, all of which are completely organic, there’s a hot cuppa to suit just about anybody’s palate. Of course, if you prefer your tea served on the rocks or as a latte, that can also be done. Lunch offerings and desserts change daily, all of which are prepared with ingredients from local Canadian suppliers. When the weather starts to turn cold, Totem’s hearty soups are the perfect way to warm up (accompanied by tea and a scone, of course). Until then, you can’t go wrong with their burritos, salads, or sinfully sweet desserts. With its eclectic décor and no shortage of delicious snacks, Totem is the perfect spot to unwind, study, or just to chat. Like it’s written on their blackboard on the wall, “love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.”

Totem Tea and Spice is open Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 5pm. 51 Westminster Ave. North.

Burritoville brings it with veggie-friendly mexican grub
by Steph Ullman

The downtown core is not known for its wide selection of freshly-prepared, fast meals that can easily be purchased on the go between classes. Amidst a sea of grease, sodium, and broken dreams, Burritoville is an oasis for those who love real food.

Photo by Steph Ullman

This homey joint offers its patrons much-loved comfort food like burritos, quesadillas, and tacos —all of which are made almost exclusively with locally-sourced organic ingredients, totally homemade, and sure to satiate a hungry student’s shameless appetite. Completely vegetarian and very vegan-friendly, you can make any of the above-mentioned options into a trio for less than 15 bucks—just over 10 if you’re feeling like a combo.

Expect a rainbow of beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sweet potatoes, bundled inside whichever mexican wrap is your favourite. In the evenings, Burritoville lends the floor to a host of different shows and exposés that unfold in the restaurant’s dining room, from poetry readings to live music shows and more, giving your mealtime some additional local zest.

Burritoville is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 2055 Bishop.

Café Myriade serves up a myriad of coffee choices
by Frédéric T. Muckle

Just next to Concordia’s downtown campus on Mackay Street is one little gem of a coffee place. Café Myriade is a small and relaxed café very much appreciated by Concordia’s students and the neighbourhood at large.

Cafe Myriade offers to its clientele an excellent selection of coffees, including an always-changing coffee and espresso of the day, and a small selection of food available for take-out. 

Photo by Frédéric T. Muckle

A mix of old-school hits, indie music and hip-hop gives Café Myriade the laid back ambiance that we all love in a coffee place. Also, for those few cherished months without snow, the place has its own terrace – pretty convenient for the average sun-loving student typing up a last minute assignment. One odd thing about the café is that it does not have its own Wi-Fi; instead, people will have to try and connect with the weak signal coming from the university. Still, the smiling employees, the cool-looking prizes decorating the place and the delicious lattes will convince most people coming to Café Myriade to return for another cup.

In this district filled with generic syrup-filled-coffee producing places, it is nice to have a café where you can get a quality allongé.

Café Myriade is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on weekends from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 1432 Mackay Street.

Italian fare like your nonna makes it
by Sara Baron-Goodman

Photo by Sara Baron-Goodman

Trattoria Micco’s is the cozy, mom-and-pop shop that provides the answer to your cravings for traditional Italian comfort food.

Their menu is classic Italian fare—all their pastas and sauces are homemade and prepared daily. The meat lasagna is especially mouth-watering for the carnivores out there (the vegetarian counterpart is just as good too, not to fret). Other menu items include empanadas, pizzas, sandwiches, and baked goods (try the brownie!).

Their specialty coffees will be sure to put a kick in your step—as we all know, Italians take their espresso seriously.

Everything on the menu is available to eat in or take out, but if you do choose to eat in, beware of the onslaught of high school kids from Royal West Academy who usually show up around 12:30 p.m. and take over the place.

Trattoria Micco’s is open Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. (perfect to grab an espresso before your early morning class) and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 48 Westminster Ave. North, Côte-Saint-Luc.

Check out the locations of these awesome places right here :

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