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Take the time to vote at CSU byelections

by The Concordian November 25, 2014
Take the time to vote at CSU byelections

Important questions are on the ballot this year that deserve your attention

For students, this is probably your least favourite time of the year—except maybe May. Final projects are adding up, exams are looming on the horizon, there aren’t enough hours in a day and sleep is a by-gone memory. The last thing that’s on your mind is probably voting in the student referendums, and really, who could blame you? Every second spent voting is a second spent not chugging down your sixth latte and reviewing the readings you should have done months ago.

We’re all stressed, but, you need to know that this vote is important. There’s a lot at stake for undergraduate students represented by the Concordia Student Union (CSU).

There are many issues on the ballot this year other than candidate elections.Multiple questions are being put to referendum before action can be taken and this is where the student body comes in.

Many of the issues at hand represent projects that require funding and labour to be diverted within the student union. Without majority support, these initiatives will likely die and it’s important for voters to make informed choices.

Do you feel strongly about the Israel-Palestine conflict? How about the current state of student housing? Or the Hive Cafe?

What about austerity cuts facing the entirety of the provincial public sector? How about daycare services for student parents?

All these issues are more are on the ballot. It’s not just a question of what benefits you receive, but where the student body stands as a whole. It’s a question of where your money will be going, and what will be done with it.

It’s up to the student body to determine what is, and is not, worth fighting for.

With three days to vote—Nov. 25, 26, and 27—you have no reason not to get involved. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of Concordia students actually participate in student-run elections annually. Don’t be swayed by apathy—this is your chance to make your voice heard.

Inform yourself on the issues: read the Letters to the Editor included in this issue on pages 21 and 22, do some basic research online, or talk to your friends about how they feel.

Make your choice.

And most importantly: vote.

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