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Fat Mike – Home Street Home

by Justinas Staskevicius February 17, 2015
Fat Mike – Home Street Home

Fat Mike – Home Street Home (Fat Wreck Chords; 2015)

As the name implies, Home Street Home: Original Songs from the Shit Musical, is the score from a musical starring street punks. The songs are mainly written by NOFX frontman, Fat Mike, and performed by a slew of punk artists, namely members of The Descendants, Lagwagon and the Dropkick Murphys among others. Musically, the album sounds similar to many NOFX tracks. The vocals are raw, but this fits the themes of the musical. The lyrics are the highlight of the album, as they comically explore drug use, prostitution and BDSM culture. The album’s biggest problem is that without having seen the show, the tracks do not tell a proper story on their own. While the album will probably bring a smile to your face, if you are interested it would probably be best to save the tunes shock value for the actual stage show.


Trial Track: “Safe Word”

Rating: 7/10


-Justinas Staskevicius


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