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CSU campaign trail kicks off

by Milos Kovacevic March 10, 2015

Student body prepares to vote in new executives

The Concordia Student Council (CSU) election campaign period has officially begun.

In addition to a host of new (and a few old) candidates to choose from, several referendum questions will also be on the ballot during the elections.

These include the creation of a $1.85M Popular University Student Housing fund (PUSH) to be used for the CSU’s housing co-op plans.

Other questions focus on prioritization of the Greenhouse, renovations of the Reggie’s bar and Hive Cafe, an indexation of all CSU fees to match inflation, and an official stance against austerity.

Another question deals with financial changes to the fees paid to the CSU. While the amount—$3.80 per credit per student—will stay the same, the way they are allocated is set to change.

“To provide financial stability, it was a responsible action for the CSU to harmonize its current financial standing in such a way that would maintain stability in the long term,” said VP Academic & Advocacy Terry Wilkings about the reorganization. In addition, Wilkings is running for CSU president.

The polls will be opened March 24-26. For more information, visit CSU.qc.ca.

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