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Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

by Ayan Chowdhury March 24, 2015 0 comment

Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly (Interscope/Aftermath/Top Dawg; 2015)

A number of themes are explored throughout this album: the dangerous temptations within modern hip-hop, the never-ending tensions surrounding race relations in America, and the perpetual clash between the Blakean notions of innocence versus experience; all are tied back to Lamar’s rise to the top. Despite the bravado displayed by the 27-year-old rapper, songs such as “u” reveal an insecure side, one that is consumed by feelings of resentment, guilt, and self-doubt. Lamar ties his very soul to his musical artistry. Lamar sings about Lucifer’s temptations (or “Lucy”) that manifest themselves in the form of money, fame, and success, and these are offered in exchange for his artistic freedom. This serves as a reminder to himself and a warning to others. K-Dot sets the musical tone for his latest album with the opener, “Wesley’s Theory,” a jazz/funk-infused track produced by the legendary George Clinton. Halfway through the song however, Dr. Dre offers the prodigal son of Compton a key piece of life advice: “anybody can get it, the hard part is keeping it.”

Trial Track: “The Blacker The Berry”

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