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Meet your CSU executive candidates

by Milos Kovacevic March 17, 2015
Meet your CSU executive candidates

Voting period takes place March 24 to 26

With the Concordia Student Union elections around the corner, we decided to catch up with the candidates for the 2015-16 executive positions. Below are edited versions of their campaign platforms put into their own words.

Terry Wilkings, President (Community Action!)

I’m currently the CSU’s VP Academic and Advocacy and in my third year of studies pursuing a double major in Economics and in the School of Community and Public Affairs. I’ve spearheaded the cooperative student housing project and harvested $1.5 million in external support making housing more affordable to Concordians. I’ve also launched the CSU Daycare initiative, and reformed university by-laws to strengthen student representation on senior academic bodies like Senate.

Gabriel Velasco, VP External (Community Action!)

As a fourth year student studying sustainability and community and public affairs, I have the ambition to create an engaged student body, which is at the forefront of environmental as well as social justice issues. My experience as a current CSU executive and provincial delegate of my student association will allow me to access critical networks all while actively representing students.

Anas Bouslikhane, VP Finance (Community Action!)

I studied for two and a half years at the JMSB in commerce with a specialization in finance before moving into public policy studies. As your VP Finance I promise to bring financial sustainability and transparency. I have worked as a treasurer for various organizations and have succeeded in maintaining profitable budgets. My experience in autonomous communities with diverse and plural discourses have underscored my appreciation for accountability.

John Talbot, VP Student Life (Community Action!)

I started as a President of a CSU club, got elected as Internal Coordinator of my member association SASU, was later elected as an Arts and Science representative on CSU Council, and sat on the board of the Sustainability Action Fund. My involvement in these organizations has created a wide variety of institutional knowledge necessary for any form of campus event planning. There is a multiplicity of cultures and student interests across Concordia, as the VP Student Life I plan effectively orchestrate an exciting and multi-faceted orientation, as well as a host of events throughout the year which will be held both at Loyola and SGW.

Marion Miller, VP Academic & Advocacy (Community Action!)

A current Fine Arts CSU councillor and Student Senator, I am familiar with the workings of the Union and with high-level academic university bodies at Concordia. As a second year Art Education student, I have been actively involved in the activities of the Fine Arts Student Alliance over the past two years and am greatly concerned with issues of accessible and inclusive education.

In the role of VP Academic and Advocacy, I will support the existing advocacy services of the Union including HOJO and the Advocacy Centre, bring to completion the Daycare project and prioritize accessibility for Concordia’s diverse student population.

Lori Dimaria, VP Clubs and Internal (Community Action!)

I am a third year student currently majoring in Management at John Molson School of Business. I have acquired various managerial skills by running my own small business and as the President of the International and Ethnic Association Council of Concordia (IEAC). Having already managed 11 student associations I feel very comfortable transferring these skills on a larger scale for the CSU.

My first priority is to ensure the opening of Reggie’s, while adapting it to student life, by creating a different atmosphere depending on the time of the day and the night of the week. I will facilitate connections between student associations, clubs, and Concordia’s community by encouraging an open dialogue. I will also expand, improve and renovate club space by institutionalizing a system to review, evaluate and track usage.

Chloe Williams, VP Loyola (Community Action!)

Over the next year I will dedicate myself to ensuring the Loyola campus continues to grow and develop into a vibrant and engaged community. I will work on connectivity between the two campuses by promoting current projects and events as well as creating new ones; such as designing a Loyola student greenhouse. As a fourth year student at Loyola and a current CSU councillor I have a strong understanding of Concordia. This past year I have also sat on the Board of Directors for the Concordia Food Coalition as well as the Sustainability Action Fund which has provided me the necessary skills and commitment to enrich student life on the Loyola Campus.

Gabrielle Caron, VP Sustainability (Community Action!):

Moving towards alternative food options for the student body will allow for a greater diversity within our community. As the co-founder of Campus Potager I have gained internal and external knowledge on how to create a successful urban agricultural project on campus. As the coordinator I took my role very seriously and actualized this project successfully. I have raised over $7,000 in grant money for this upcoming planting season. This collaborative gardening project allowed me to understand the importance of offering local, accessible and healthy food to our students. As the VP Sustainability of Community Action I will dedicate a large portion of my mandate to continue working on creating the Loyola greenhouse in collaboration with our VP Loyola.


We reached out to the three independent candidates Alexandre Laroche, Jonathan Mamame, and Carla Marrouche but were unable to contact them for an interview by press time.

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