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The Montreal Canadiens paid tribute last week

by Sarah Kossits November 17, 2015
The Montreal Canadiens paid tribute last week

The Habs reveal new retro jerseys and go on their annual father-son trip

With the Winter Classic less than two months away, the Montreal Canadiens unveiled the jersey that they will wear when they face their rivals, the Boston Bruins, outside on Jan. 1.

Graphic by Charlotte Bracho.

Graphic by Charlotte Bracho.

Although simple in design, every aspect of the jersey pays tribute to part of the Canadiens rich 106-year history.

According to an article on official Habs website, the shade of blue on the chest was “inspired by the first-ever Canadiens jersey worn after their founding in 1909,” and the ‘CH’ logo is similar to the one worn when the team won their first Stanley Cup in 1924, with the ‘C’ in white and the ‘H’ in red.

On the arm of the jersey, a globe which symbolizes their status as world champions can be found. This globe was originally on the jersey worn after the 1924 championship. The year of the globe logo is also the year that the Canadiens began their historic rivalry with the Bruins.

Finally, the red collar of the jersey is similar to that of the 1945-1946 jersey, when the Canadiens beat the Bruins to earn their sixth Stanley Cup.

In an article on the Habs website, team executive vice president Kevin Gilmore said that they “wanted to underline and pay homage to [their] earliest meetings with [the Bruins].”

However, the Canadiens’ past is not the only thing they paid tribute to this week.

Every year, the Habs host a father-son trip where the fathers of the players get to join their sons on the road and are treated to a game as well as valuable time with them. This year, the fathers made the trip to Pittsburgh to see their kids take on the Penguins on Nov. 11. The Habs ended up losing the game 4-3 in shootout.

Although Carey Price remains out with an injury, he and his father Jerry made the trip to Pittsburgh. Price’s father was a huge contributor to Price’s success, as he had to fly his son to practices and games three times a week in Williams Lake, B.C., which is approximately 300 kilometres away from their home.

“It’s really enlightening seeing what they go through, the travel, the schedule that they keep, the things they do to keep themselves fit while they’re on the road,”  Jerry Price said in an article on the Habs website.  “We enjoy it.”

Despite the week of appreciation ending in a couple losses, the Habs still sit a top the Eastern Conference.

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