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Grab a bite in just a few clicks

by Valeria Cori-Manocchio February 16, 2016
Grab a bite in just a few clicks

The 10 Min MTL app suggests restaurants based on your mood and location

Attention Montrealers who enjoy eating and often take public transit: there is a Montreal app that satisfies your hunger while minimizing your data charges.

Graphic by Thom Bell.

Graphic by Thom Bell.

The free user-friendly app 10 Min MTL doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection. Users simply select what they want to eat based on their current mood and the app presents them with several options, all within 10 minutes walking distance of a metro station. As founder and creator Dan Crisan said, 10 Min MTL satisfies everyone’s preferences.

Crisan said the main goal of the app was for it not to rely on Wi-Fi, and to build something different than what’s already in the food app market. It’s his way of giving more people access to simple, straightforward information. It’s for those who may be thinking “I’m hungry, show me [a restaurant] that’s close,” he said. You could be in the mood for junk food, healthy food and even sweets, and the app will suggest accordingly.

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, a party-goer or a late night public transit user, 10 Min MTL quickly seeks out the best, closest sources of nourishment for you without using up much cellular data. After late-night study sessions or in between classes, students can grab a bite with one or two clicks of their iPhones.

Crisan, a software engineering student at McGill, thought of the idea a year ago and created it during the 2015 winter break. “Coding has the power to do everything,” he said. His main goal in making 10 Min MTL was to apply a solution to a problem using his own engineering and programming perspective. “I wanted to do something for the city … and the community, to join as many people together as possible,” he said.

Crisan also thought about the generic problems young adults and teenagers face when they go out—someone’s always hungry. But bigger apps like Yelp and Urban Spoon require Wi-Fi and offer a lot of information that slows down actually choosing a restaurant. With 10 Min MTL, determining your destination is simply a few clicks away.   

The app is always growing as users can suggest new places to Crisan through 10 Min MTL’s ‘suggest a mood’ and ‘suggest a place’ options. The next step for Crisan is to expand the app onto Android phones.

He is also considering monthly restaurant sponsorships.

Regardless of future adjustments, though, Crisan is adamant on keeping the app free so everyone can utilize it.

Learn more about 10 Min MTL at app10min.com

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