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CSU Finance Coordinator resigns

by Laura Marchand March 30, 2016

Will be replaced by winner of this week’s General Elections

The Concordia Student Union’s Finance Coordinator, Anas Bouslikhane, has resigned from his position citing personal reasons. The CSU will await the results of this week’s General Elections, and will then vote in council to appoint the incoming Finance Coordinator as a replacement. That vote is expected to take place next week.

This process falls under section 7.3 of the CSU’s bylaws, wherein, “the General Coordinator may fill a vacant Coordinator position from among the members, subject to ratification by a majority of the Council of Representatives.” Terry Wilkings, General Coordinator of the CSU, confirmed that they will pick whoever wins the position for Finance Coordinator in this week’s elections.

“It’s the will of the students. They decided who they would like to have on the executive team next year,” said Wilkings.

The alternative, says Wilkings, would be to have an interim Finance Coordinator take the position for less than a month, until the training period for the new Finance Coordinator begins. “It would be redundant to have a new person come in … and then have that new person, with 25 days experience, train the new [executive].”

If the results of the election are called into question or contested, Wilkings said the CSU will simply wait for the outcome of those processes. “Usually these things get solved pretty quickly,” said Wilkings.

In his resignation letter circulated Wednesday morning, Bouslikhane wrote that, “the past few weeks have been challenging due to extenuating circumstances,” and that the decision to resign was “difficult to make.” Bouslikhane will be available in the interim until a replacement is appointed.

The CSU’s third quarter financial report is expected to be released on schedule at the next Regular Council Meeting. The day-to-day financial needs of the CSU are not expected to be affected.

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