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Dolly Parton – Pure & Simple

by Emily Vidal September 13, 2016
Dolly Parton – Pure & Simple

Dolly Parton – Pure & Simple (Dolly Records, RCA Nashville, 2016)

How can I put this lightly? Dolly Parton’s most recent studio album was titled Pure and Simple for the simple fact that it is just that: So. Damn. Simple. And who likes simple? No one, ever. If her goal was to sound like every other country album of the past decade, then mission accomplished. All the songs’ tempos are exactly the same, and the lyrics did not evoke a single emotion in my heart, and I’m sure the hearts of many others. The lyrics don’t allow for much connection and compared to her previous albums Pure & Simple is rather dull. This album lacks the depth that Dolly Parton usually provides to her music. I will give this album a whopping 2/10 and a yawn, at best. (#sorrynotsorry)

Trial Track: Pure and Simple



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