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OneRepublic – Oh My My

by Emily Vidal October 11, 2016
OneRepublic – Oh My My

OneRepublic – Oh My My (Interscope Records, 2016)

Pop-rock group OneRepublic’s  Oh My My has soared to a mind blowing new level. Their lyrics are deep and profound, their vocals are passionate and expressive, and their instrumentals are extremely creative and versatile. The track, “Let’s Hurt Tonight” captures intense emotion with it’s powerful vocals, lyrics and drums. The album also touches on themes of love and happiness, with impressive lyrics and catchy beats in the track “Wherever I Go.” Oh My My features collaborations with Peter Gabriel, classic rock legend from the 80s, on their song “A.I.” They combined forces to create a pop song meant to hit the radio charts. Another collab was with Cassius on electro pop hit “Oh My My”. Their songs on this album greatly resembles Maroon 5’s. I recommend this album for those looking for an upbeat and positive musical experience. OneRepublic will definitely blow you out of the water with this one.


Trial Track: “Lift Me Up”


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