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Walk! Walk! Walk! and Selfish

by The Concordian October 11, 2016
Walk! Walk! Walk! and Selfish

Concordian writer Hannah Karpinski brings us two creative works

Hannah Karpinski is in her third year of the honours program in English and creative writing at Concordia. She hails from Toronto and misses her dog. In these poems, Hannah’s knack for clever wordplay as well her love of dogs are wholly evident. When reading these pieces, one can’t help but get carried away by Karpinski’s playful and energetic diction which somehow manages to be both seamless and unpredictable. These poems were published with the help of Annah-Lauren Bloom.

  Walk! Walk! Walk!

For Kaleb, Bandit, and Molly

Frail Greyhound keeps beat in bucket of water

Pawing and splashing and pawing and splashing and—

Sand! SAND! Someone just changed the water

The dog park: dirty locale ebbing in appeal

Humans watch as dogs steal one another’s newest toys

And here they thought The Beaches was gentrified…

Playtime for daycare in children’s sandbox

Squatting Rottweiler makes eye contact with human pup

Releases herself; knows this is not an off-leash area

Goldendoodle running in red Gore-Tex

Daddy must have spent a nice sum on that beautiful ja—

Betrayal! “Bad girl! Out of the mud, you bastard!”

Human seeks shade under willow tree

Drink: contraband (it’s thermos wine)

Only addresses the good-looking German Shepherd

Chain link airlock between dog park and human park

Pit Bull grips muddied tennis ball in lockjaw

Her human avoiding the glare of the empty mouthed Basset Hound

Yippy Chihuahua furious with squirrel voices opinion

Mommy yells, “Come!” Squirrel advances… RETREAT!

“Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog?”

Human pup wanders away from play structure, unnoticed

Not related to a dog but enters enclosure anyway (illegal)

Is greeted by twenty, maybe thirty dogs; pets them all evening


Sounds like shellfish tastes

like radish: spicy. Feeling peckish?

In she comes now with a flourish,

whirling dervish apparition—


This attraction is not easy

to extinguish. Try to fight

your titillation. My eyes suctioned—

it’s established. She won’t look at you

but watch her, like a jellyfish in action.

Wish she’d watch me,

wish she’d wash me

with a gaze of recognition.

Feed fixation with her friction,

flush carnation, culmination:

she elicits the anticipated physical reaction.

Here and now I get rejection, only

bluish recognition, only. No rash

preposition just her rational decisions.

Stuck in anguish, think I’ll perish.

I can’t squash my adoration!

Feeling foolish, I’m embarrashed—

shit, my English is diminishing,

I’m finishing, I’m fishing, feel outlandish

with ambition. I’d audition for a smidgeon

of attention from this vision. Used to pray

for transposition, now I pray to patient God

to please divine some intervention,

cure me with a prohibition.

In exchange for absolution?

Absolutely! The solution

should demolish my addiction,

should diminish my conviction—

now I wear my trousers rolled

but I am looking for direction,

some prevention of my end,

of my to-be annihilation—

on the verge of self-destruction

losing language relishing

my saddish nature I’m a sad fish

a sad radish seeking comfort

reeking putrid longish longing

lest she leave me so


Graphic by Florence Yee

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