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Animal activists come together

by Nelly Sérandour-Amar November 8, 2016
Animal activists come together

A vigil at the Marvid slaughterhouse raises awareness for animal cruelty

A peaceful vigil took place in front of the Montreal’s Marvid slaughterhouse, on the corner of Industriel and Lacordaire Boulevards, on Nov 6, to raise awareness about animal cruelty. More than 20 people stood in the intersection of both streets holding signs with phrases such as “Close down all Slaughterhouses” and a quote from Tolstoy “Tant qu’il y aura des abattoirs, il y aura des champs de batailles” written on them.

The vigil was organized by Montreal’s KARA (Kebek Animal Rights Association) and the Toronto Pig Save activists. They were joined by Anita Krajnc, a renowned Canadian animal rights activist who currently resides in Toronto.

Krajnc, who is founder of the Save Movement, a network of groups raising awareness on animal rights and veganism, has made news headlines because of her deep involvement in animal rights issues. In 2015, after offering water to pigs crammed in a truck headed to a slaughterhouse, Eric van Boekel, from whose farm the pigs were brought, filed a case against Krajnc, with charges such as criminal mischief.

Due to her passion for animal rights, the charges didn’t stop her from continuing her projects. “For three years now, I’ve helped organize three vigils a week,” she said. “Since July 2011, we’ve almost done 1,000 vigils in Toronto.”

Krajnc was pleased with the turnout of the hour-hour vigil in Montreal. “It is very positive and it is great for visibility.” Back in Toronto, she also organizes day-long vigils which usually bring together 300 to 400 people.

One of the activists who attended the vigil was Marion Achoulias, a professor at Concordia University. She said she believes Concordia used to be more active in the fight for animal rights. For example, she said, Le Frigo Vert used to be completely vegan. Nonetheless, she is very proud to see a new generation of activists within the Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA).

The Concordian spoke with CARA’s president, Lara Mackenzie, about the organization’s upcoming events. Mackenzie said there will be an anti-fur campaign on Nov. 28, where CARA will encourage students to go fur-free.”

Mackenzie also spoke about Krajnc, describing her as a strong and perseverant woman. “Complete strangers go to her trials to defend her voice—she has a lot of support,” she said.

Another vigil will be held in the same location on Nov. 9, at 8 a.m.

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