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Atsuko Chiba – The Memory Empire

by Sandra Hercegova November 22, 2016
Atsuko Chiba – The Memory Empire

Atsuko Chiba – The Memory Empire (Unsigned, 2016)

The Memory Empire, released on Nov. 18, is Atsuko Chiba’s second EP album. When “Wasabi Hands” hits your speakers, have your glass of water ready for that extra spicy sound. It begins with Limp Bizkit-style rock. The gritty vibe meets Death Grips’ experimental rhythms. The hardcore guitar riffs bring strong intensity to this seven-minute jam. It has great sound variations, from angry vocals and up-tempo guitar riffs to industrial, electro sound mixtures and slow-tempo guitar solos. Combining all of these variations into one song can cause severe confusion to your eardrums. “Panopticon” starts with a spooky, electro keyboard entrée, the type of sound you hear at the start of a horror movie. Suddenly, you’re startled by heavy guitar riffs and screamy vocals. Once again, it features tons of experimenting with too many different sounds all at once. “Damonsta Titillates” also starts off eerily, with dark electronic and industrial sounds. The Memory Empire would sound great as background sounds for a thriller film, but not so much for your everyday playlist.

Trial track: “Wasabi Hands”



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