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Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

by Wesley McLean November 1, 2016
Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition (Warp, 2016)

Danny Brown has created an album that’s as eccentric and captivating as his public persona. This Detroit MC’s third commercial release is his most ambitious, experimental and introspective work yet. The album explores Brown as a 35-year-old trying to cement his legacy in a genre run by the young. His perspective, paired with production that is completely unique to this album, makes Atrocity Exhibition a breath of fresh air. The album kicks off with “Downward Spiral,” a song exploring Brown’s loneliness and substance abuse in a way that is so self-aware it’s almost uncomfortable. “Rolling Stone” has Brown addressing the disconnect between himself and the world around him as his fame increases. The wildest moment on the album comes in the form of post-punk inspired “Dance in the Water,” a song about living on the edge without paying the ultimate price. With this album, Danny Brown has created an experimental hip-hop masterpiece, with a soundscape that is completely its own.

Trial Track: “Rolling Stone” featuring Petite Noir



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