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No more flu for Concordia U

by Chloe Ranaldi November 8, 2016
No more flu for Concordia U

Concordia offers flu vaccine clinics for students

With winter quickly approaching, Concordia University Health Services announced its annual flu vaccine clinics at SGW campus (EV-Atrium) and Loyola Campus Chapel will be held from Nov. 15 to 23.

“Last year’s Concordia flu vaccine clinics brought in more than 800 people,” said Gaby Szabo, Health Promotion Specialist.

The Public Health Agency suggests everyone over the age of six months should easily receive the flu shot every year, said Szabo.

“The flu shot will reduce students’ chances of getting the flu and spreading it to other people,” she told The Concordian.

“Unlike a cold, the flu can last up to three weeks—one week of body aches, sore throat, and other symptoms and an additional two weeks of fatigue,” Szabo added. “Students benefit from the flu vaccine because three weeks is a large proportion of a student’s semester.”

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, other flu-like symptoms include: runny or stuffy nose, headaches, fever, chills, cough, sore throat, and others.

Individuals who contract the flu can spread it to people with HIV, children, elders, or others who are vulnerable to catching the flu or who are at high-risk of complications from the flu, Szabo said.

You can prevent the flu by washing your hands and not touching your eyes, nose or mouth. In addition, when you catch the flu or cold, staying home and avoiding close contact with others can help reduce the number of people who contract the virus, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The clinic is free for all individuals who have a valid Quebec Medicare card and meet at least one of the Department of Public Health’s Criteria. The criteria includes being an individual 65 years or older, or someone who has a long term chronic health condition like asthma or diabetes. Other criteria are listed on Concordia’s website, at concordia.ca/flu.

If you do not meet the criteria, the flu vaccine costs $20 in cash.

Students can also get the flu shot at a variety of different locations, such as the CLSC or their local pharmacies.

For more information on scheduling a booking for the vaccine clinics or for different locations and times visit the Concordia website.  

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