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Blanck Mass – World Eater

by Sandra Hercegova March 14, 2017
Blanck Mass – World Eater

Blanck Mass – World Eater (Sacred Bones Records, 2017)

Blanck Mass is a solo electronic/experiential music project by Benjamin John Power. Power’s recent album,  World Eater  is at level 100 when it comes to sound experiments. The opening track, “John Doe’s Carnival of Error,” is a short lullabye with a nostalgic sound one might have heard at an amusement park or carnival as a child. It has a spooky, alluring essence as the same hook is repeated continuously, making it a hypnotic electronic tune. “Rhesus Negative” is a storm of electronic sounds coming at you from all directions. If your happy place is being surrounded by constant loud noises, this track will thrill you. “Please” tones it down a bit with slow vibrant sounds, making it a peaceful electro dance song that is easy to follow compared to the other songs on the album. From industrial noises of all sorts to hardcore electronic bass lines, the album might sound like a cacophony to some, and a masterpiece of originality to others.

Trial Track: “Rhesus Negative”

Rating: 5/10

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