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The Franklin Electric – Blue Ceilings

by Cristina Sanza March 14, 2017 0 comment

The Franklin Electric – Blue Ceilings (Indica Records, 2017)

Montreal-based alternative-rock band The Franklin Electric’s sophomore album is filled with delicate piano-playing and folk drum beats, which are complemented by lead singer Jon Matte’s textured and emotive vocals. “Burning Flame” is a piano-based ballad with a chord progression that is reminiscent of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” It is instrumentally simple, but the haunting vocal harmonies bring it to life. “All Along” is a standout track for its quick drum beat, subtle guitar riffs and emotional strings. Blue Ceilings is a good album to play on repeat while studying. The drumming is eclectic enough to put the listener in a productive mood, but the slower tempo of most tunes gives it a relaxing vibe. While the album is instrumentally cohesive overall, when listening to it in its entirety, many of the songs can sound similar. The record isn’t a jump musically from the band’s debut, This is How I Let You Down, aside from the addition of some faint electronic sounds in some tracks, such as in their single “Walk With You.”

Trial Track: “All Along”
Rating: 6.5

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