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Walter TV – Carpe Diem

by Mackenzie Lad October 17, 2017
Walter TV – Carpe Diem

Walter TV – Carpe Diem (Sinderlyn, 2017)

Carpe Diem is the third album from Montreal-based trio Water TV. The album lives up to its name, “seizing the day,” with laid-back guitar lines and dreamy vocals throughout. “Begotten,” opens the album with timid vocals over soft strumming that builds and breaks with crashing cymbals and clapping hands, before tumbling into the high-energy second track, “Graceland.” “Spring Time” is a sunny interlude, a sonic ray of light juxtaposed beside the eerie “Laura Palmer,” a fitting reference to the crime drama series Twin Peaks. “Alaska Cruisin’” is a refreshing, upbeat moment amongst the sleepy nostalgic vibes that define the rest of the album. Where it capitalizes on warm, relaxed melodies to sustain its mellow vibe, Carpe Diem seems to lose emotional intensity in its redundancy, making for light, easy listening and not much else.


Trial track: “Spring Time”

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