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Slice of Life: Late night chats

by Jacob Carey October 23, 2018
Slice of Life: Late night chats

Try anonymously calling Concordia’s Student Nightline next time you need some support

Concordia’s newest service offers confidential, anonymous and non-judgemental advice to any students in need of a listening ear.

The Concordia Students’ Nightline was founded by Jade Se in October 2017. Since Sept. 13, it has been run by student volunteers who hope to help and advise any student that may need it.

“Although Concordia has counselling services that offer up to ten free sessions,” said VP External and Security Margaréta Pintér. “Our founder believed that there was not yet a service like ours at Concordia, and thought it was a good initiative to bring it here and adapt it to the students’s needs,” said Pintér. The idea was based off a similar service offered by McGill, which Se became aware of as a former student.

As of now, the non-profit organization’s team of volunteers remains relatively small. The organization plans to recruit new members throughout this month and hopes to expand their operating hours along with this. Pintér stressed that while all calls are treated seriously, not all of them need to be of a serious nature—students are free to phone in regarding anything, even if it’s just to talk. “It’s free for anyone, and if you have something to talk about, our volunteers pick up every single call. Whether you’re bored, lost, or scared for any reason, you can give us a call,” she said.

With midterms in full swing and finals almost around the corner, it’s nice to know Concordia Students’ Nightline is there to lift some stress off your shoulders—one call at a time.

The Nightline currently operates from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and can be contacted at 514-437-9797.

Feature graphic by @spooky_soda.

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