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Spotlight on Erica Hart

by The Concordian December 28, 2018
Spotlight on Erica Hart

Erica Hart

I am an interdisciplinary artist and studio art major exploring psychology and mental health through a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, writing, performance art and video. Specifically, I am interested in researching vulnerability by investigating its relationship to shame, worthiness, intimacy, childhood and identity. In my early work, I explored painting bright colourful figures. My figures were playful, flat and referenced a child-like style. I didn’t fully understand why I loved this child-like painting until I started my vulnerability research. I was looking at overwhelming emotion and how we express it, and as I came to realize, vulnerability is something that children are the best at. They cry, they tantrum, and they understand the necessity of emotional release. My current work continues to investigate child-like sensibilities while also exploring psychology and mental health through personal healing and therapy via grounding exercises and emotional release techniques as a tool to propel my artistic practice.

Instagram: @erica_hart

Website: iamericahart.com

Photos courtesy of the artist

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