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Spring renovations for CSU daycare

by Mia Anhoury January 15, 2019
Spring renovations for CSU daycare

New outside play area will include a sandbox and water jets

The Concordia Student Union’s (CSU) Daycare and Nursery is hoping to begin its renovations to the outside play area in the spring. The renovations are expected to last for two months.

In its November council meeting, the union approved over $216,000 to renovate the newly opened CSU Daycare and Nursery. The union’s General Coordinator, Sophie Hough-Martin, told council the centre needed a more child-friendly outdoor area, as reported by The Concordian in November. The money will be taken from the Student Space, Accessible Education, and Legal Contingency fund.

The daycare was originally set to open in March 2018, as reported by The Concordian in November. Due to unexpected renovations and delays in permits, the daycare only opened on Dec. 17. The daycare’s initial budget was $1.5 million, before getting another $76,000 in September 2017 and the latest funding in November 2018.

CSU Daycare and Nursery Director, Angela Meo, said that “because of the delay of the master renovations, work could not begin on the outside play area.” She added that work cannot be done in the winter months, either. “The space constraint could not permit having both these constructions at the same time.”

These renovations will not affect the daycare and nursery services offered to Concordia undergraduate students. The daycare and nursery team has secured the play area at a nearby church for the kids to play in while the construction takes place.

Since its opening, Meo said the daycare has overseen 15 children per day. “We are integrating the number of children slowly, to ensure quality care and staff integration.”

The new outdoor play area will include a sandbox, according to the preliminary plans. It will also have more plants and rubberized flooring. Kids will also be able to enjoy five water jets once the renovations are done.

Archive photo by Mackenzie Lad.

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