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QUICKSPINS: DaBaby – Baby On Baby

by Simon New March 12, 2019
QUICKSPINS: DaBaby – Baby On Baby

Charlotte, NC native and recent Interscope signee DaBaby dropped an album that sounds like he’s late for something and doesn’t have time to record, but his haste gives the project life. His urgency in spitting and singing catchy hooks builds purely infectious energy. Beats are fun, jittery and simple. Baby’s charisma shines while showing that he has no time to build a pattern and break it. Every song structure is so fleeting that it’s hard to get bored track-to-track, even though each one is almost tonally identical. While the freshness is satisfying, it doesn’t give any single cut a chance to shine. Songs featuring Offset and Rich the Kid, among others, dot the tracklist of this solid introduction to DaBaby’s frenetic world.


Trial Track: Tupac

Star Bar: “I’m like the 2Pac of the new shit / A hundred thousand hoes and they like the way I do shit” -DaBaby on “Tupac”

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