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Travis Scott takes us to Astroworld

by Skye Legault March 11, 2019
Travis Scott takes us to Astroworld

Travis Scott’s unique rapping style hyped up the crowd Tuesday night

It seemed like all of Montreal piled into the Bell Centre to see Travis Scott perform live on March 5 for his sold out show, Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour. His latest album, Astroworld, was released last year and merch featuring the “Wish You Were Here” tagline was being sold to promote it.

It’s impossible not to hear his songs “Antidote,” “Butterfly Effect” and “SICKO MODE” during a night out. The 26-year-old rapper is known for his use of voice effects and adlibs that create an eccentric, distinct sound that can almost be described as mumble rap. Born in Houston, Texas, he later moved to New York to pursue music after graduating high school. He later released his first untitled EP on MySpace in 2008.

Scott is a part of GOOD Music, Kanye West’s music label. The two artists are practically family. Scott has released three studio albums: Rodeo, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, and Astroworld. He also formed a duo group with Quavo of Migos called Huncho Jack, and they released their debut album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho in 2017.

Rapper Sheck Wes, who is featured on Scott’s new album, was the opening act for the Montreal show and performed his biggest hit “Mo Bamba.” The main act, following Wes, was a wild ride from start to finish—literally, since two rollercoasters were set up above the crowd. People on the floor were invited to wait in line for a ride on the roller coasters. They climbed up, were strapped in by security, and enjoyed a slow coaster ride as the crowd cheered.

Scott energized the audience while shouting “Montreal!” as he was suspended upside down in his roller coaster seat. Pyrotechnics added to the wow-factor.

Astroworld is inspired by a now-closed theme park Scott used to go to in Texas. It meant a lot to him and was a place of fantasy and imagination. He captures that sense of wonder in his show, with trippy visuals and huge blow-ups of his head and an astronaut.

Scott moved between the main and middle stages throughout the night. The crowd on the floor matched his energy with massive mosh pits. One guy was especially excited, as he jumped onstage with Scott and then crowd-surfed. The mood changed with a slower song off his mixtape Days Before Rodeo, “Drugs You Should Try It.” The audience’s cheers were replaced with phone lights illuminating the room. The night proved to be lit. Scott closed the show with crowd favourite “SICKO MODE,” featuring Drake, hyping up the audience one last time.

Scott will be ending his Astroworld Tour at the Firefly Music Festival on June 22 in Dover, Delaware.

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