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The soundtrack to my summer

by Erin Walker September 10, 2019
The soundtrack to my summer

5 songs describing the highs and lows of a student’s summer

Summer’s officially over with the fall semester up and running again. I did a little reminiscing and compiled the five songs I had on repeat for the past four months, to graze over before the real grind begins. Maybe you can listen to them too while you compile photosets of your summer extravaganzas.

“Cattails” – Big Thief

This was the perfect song to lounge around on sunny afternoons in the park. From Big Thief’s new album UFOF, nature is a central theme but this is definitely the warmest track on the album. Maybe it was the lyric “You’ll be riding that train in late June/With the windows wide by side,” or the simple acoustic guitar work and light drumming created a sense of light motion- the way we should all move about in summer.

“Willow’s Song” – Magnet

I find the summer is also the perfect time to binge-watch movies. Around the time of the summer solstice, I decided it was a good time to watch The Wicker Man again, a classic folk-horror film about a policeman who investigates a murder case in a Scottish pagan town during the summer solstice. “Willow’s Song” is a slow lullaby/love-song from the film that perfectly fits the whimsical and carefree nature of summer on the quieter warm nights.

“Tears” – Nilufer Yanya

This song is about embracing your sensitivities with flare. I don’t know about you but I always get a little emotional during the summer months – there’s almost too much time to sit around and think. But this song inspired me to embrace my emotional side. The production is very 80s-synth inspired, with a colourful and bouncy sound. It definitely pumped me up to leave the house on those inevitable low-mood summer days. Nilufar Yanya’s debut album Miss Universe, which came out in March, is full of other tracks that made it to my summer listening list.

“Champagne Coast” – Blood Orange

I listen to this song almost every summer- it just reminds me of a steamy summer romance with the backdrops of a hazy orange and pink sunset. Something to do with Devante Hynes’ dreamy synths and guitar licks make it all the more sensual, opening up the possibilities of a romance only summer could bless you with.

“Dress You Up” – Madonna

I’d listen to this classic dance-pop song on hot summer nights. I think it’s no coincidence that I felt the need to listen to this when Leo season started up – all the glamour in the air and feeling like the center of attention. This drumbeat-driven track has an iconic 80s guitar solo and backing choir that screams Madonna, and you can’t go wrong with Madonna when you want to spend the summer night dancing.

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