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East Coast Coffee Madness comes to Montreal

by Youmna El Halabi October 22, 2019

1. On Oct. 19 and 20, East Coast Coffee Madness (ECCM) held its fifth Coffee Festival at the Centre des Sciences de Montréal. The ECCM’s Facebook page states the event is for the coffee community, built around the vision “Meet + Learn + Grow.”

2. A number of coffee shops opened stands for festival goers, making coffee in all shapes and sizes.

3. “My heart rate’s speeding up, I should stop. Oh look! Another coffee stand!” Eight Ounce Coffee/Café 8 oz. is one of the 21 other coffee shops to have a stand at the fifth Annual ECCM Festival.

4. Caf, non-fat, decaf, filter, espresso — you name it! If it’s bitter, warm, and caffeinated, the Coffee Festival had it.

5. The Coffee Festival started at 9 a.m. and went on past mid-day. A number of independent and branch coffee shops were serving coffee, namely Kittel Atelier de café, ZAB café Le Brûloir, Café Pista, Pilot Coffee Roasters, Structure Roasters, Detour Coffee Roasters, Traffic Coffee Crew and Quietly Coffee.


Photos by Cecilia Piga

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