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CSU recap: Nov. 13, 2019

by Fern Clair November 26, 2019
CSU recap: Nov. 13, 2019

The Concordia Student Union is an elected body of 30 students whose task is to ensure the interests of students are protected and represented. The CSU can pass orders that involve student interests, and Concordia must agree to those orders.

Each CSU meeting will now be summarized so that you, the reader, can keep up with the union’s business. Get ready for tantalizing motions, breathtaking legal jargon and closed sessions that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Let’s get down to business, 

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is part of orientation every September, where students can mingle and get involved, and get to know what the CSU is.

This year, the CSU cut down on costs by approximately $37,000 from last year, with 11,000 students participating in Welcome Week.

The goal next year is to increase awareness of the CSU, by expanding their brand, which means having more merchandise like free agendas and tote bags.


A motion was sent to the policy committee, a CSU elected group that evaluates the feasibility of motions. The motion stated that students wishing to run for any CSU council position must disclose if they have previously disqualified, cheated or discharged on the voting ballot for all future elections.

This is in response to last week’s bi-elections featuring the comeback of two former elected CSU Executives that had been either disqualified or discharged in the previous year’s general election.


Graphic by Ana Bilokin

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