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Networking: not just for entrepreneurs

by Lorenza Mezzapelle November 12, 2019
Networking: not just for entrepreneurs

Discover emerging artists at DécouvART 

I have been to many vernissages and gallery openings. They are all more or less the same; upbeat music plays on a sound system – or a DJ, usually a friend of the artist, plays a live set – the crowd consists of young creatives and their friends or a well-established artist and middle-aged art enthusiasts looking to purchase a work or pass the time. While lively, these events are generally not like anything you see on TV.

The second edition of DécouvART, however, was very much like something out of an episode of Sex and the City, Gossip Girl or any show who’s premise evolves around Manhattan’s elite. Upon entering into the lobby elevator, one could hear loud, upbeat electronic music, played by a DJ. Cameras flashed continuously as photographers captured artists posing in front of their works, and groups of young people stood poised, cocktails in hand, as they conversed.

As the name DécouvART suggests, the space was provided as a place for discovery of current happenings in the Montreal art milieu and aimed to promote emerging artists in Quebec. Held at Gallery Gora, the event was hosted by Fondation Proaction International, whose mission is to support artists as a means of enriching the arts and culture sector.

The featured works were selected among artist applications and included painting, sculpture and photography. Collectors, gallery owners, agents and Quebec’s minister of culture were among the invited guests. Attendees were invited to vote for the best artist and were given the opportunity to win up to $10,000 in prizes.

Karine Demers’ Pliage 63/Architecture consisted of black and white pieces of paper, folded geometrically, and assembled to form various shapes. The origami-like work changed colours depending on the angle from which it was being observed; a peach tone if looking from the right, and a bright yellow from the left.

Alexis Couzino’s series of three works named Nage Macabre consisted of black velvet mounted on canvas and sequined silver fish. The work offered a representation of the current state of the oceans, as caused by society, and the romanticized beauty of the world, which is gradually being destroyed.

The variety of innovative artworks, the large crowd and upscale environment of DécouvART demonstrated that networking events don’t have to be exclusively for entrepreneurs. The overall reach and presence of the press seemed to promise opportunity for emerging artists in the Montreal area. While it is another topic to be had, DécouvART helped contribute to the idea that there should be a reward for creative work.

After all, exposure doesn’t pay the bills.

For more information about Fondation Proaction International and upcoming DécouvART events, you can visit their website at http://fondationproactioninternational.com.


Photo by Brittany Clarke

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