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In the dark about Concordia’s student services?

by Kayla-Marie Turriciano January 7, 2020
In the dark about Concordia’s student services?

Here’s a roundup of many services and resources Concordia has to offer that can help make your life both inside and outside of the classroom go more smoothly and be more manageable.


Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre is a catalyst for resources available to students aiming to improve their academic career or life afterwards, with the help of their Learning Support resources or the Career and Planning Services (CAPS).

One of the available resources are Learning and Study Skill Specialists that can help with preparing for assignments (note-taking, oral presentations, exams), doing assignments (reading, writing, math), as well as other areas relating to school, such as anxiety, help with learning in a second language, and time management. Peer tutors are also an available resource that can be accessed through the university.

If you are unable or unwilling to meet with someone in person, there are handouts for various topics that you can download and print from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, handouts are also available for problem-solving (math), different methods to improve or adjust your learning habits (strategies to improve concentration, to improve your memory, etc.), tips for being successful in online classes, and even handouts that are specific to those applying to or already are in graduate school.

If you function and learn better in a group setting, there are organized study groups for certain courses already in place such as for ECON 201, 203 and 221. There are also countless workshops offered for a variety of topics throughout the course of the semester: learning strategies, exam strategies, business, engineering and computer science study skills, and writing and research tips.

If you feel like your studies and learning are on a good path and you want to start thinking about life after school, CAPS can help you to figure out which career can work with your degree or help find an internship within your field. They can offer help with your job search, give career counseling, and host career events, workshops and job fairs. CAPS also has an entire guide dedicated to cultivating and improving your interview skills, various guides as well as drop-in times/appointments to help with resumés and cover letters, and multiple sources to inform you about salaries, benefits and employers within the field you want.


Financial Wellness

Are you concerned about money? Concordia also has resources available, either through helping you achieve financial wellness or with bursaries, scholarships and loans. If you’re stressed about how you’ll be able to pay for your life while in school, Concordia’s website is full of hidden treasures to help you out. From giving tips on how to make and manage a budget, to how to responsibly use a credit card and how to understand banking and financial institutions. If it all becomes a giant blur, you can visit the Financial Aid & Awards Office for more advice on how to attain financial wellness.


Campus Wellness & Support Services 

Concordia’s health services include a vast array of resources. Medical services include being able to book an appointment or receive urgent care from either a doctor or nurse, depending on what you need. You are also able to receive vaccinations, pass a variety of tests such as pregnancy, urine, pap, blood, STI, etc., or obtain a medical note for school or work if you meet specific criteria. You can find a verified source list for various aches, pains, infections, general non-serious ailments, etc. as well as information on how to improve and maintain your overall health, such as eating healthy, being physically active, managing your stress and mental health, sleeping, and practicing safe sex.

While physical health is important, it’s not the only kind – it includes spiritual and mental health as well. Concordia’s health and wellness resources include counselling and psychological services where you can meet individually with counsellors or attend groups and workshops. Online, there is also a PDF available with crises/after hours resources and a web page available with even more resources for mental health services.


Access Centre for Students with Disabilities

Concordia has an Access Centre for Students with Disabilities. Online, you can find information on who can apply and how; examples include: “vision, mobility, hearing, chronic medical conditions, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, mental health conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.” You can get advising, attend workshops, participate in the peer note-taking program, have access to government funding, have your textbooks and course packs converted to accessible formats, benefit from transportation accessibility, and more.


Birks Student Service Centre

If you’re looking to obtain documents or information about them, the Birks Student Service Centre can help. Located in the J.W. McConnell Building (LB 185), you can request and obtain documents such as official forms and letters, transcripts, get a student ID or OPUS card, pay tuition and fees or request refunds, obtain information about studying in Quebec as a non-resident, and so much more.

If this resource roundup still leaves you questioning what you should do or what help you need, Concordia’s Navigator program allows you to connect to a staff member or experienced student who can help connect you to the right resources.


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