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Boiler Room X Igloofest: Making history for the entire world to see

by Olivier Du Ruisseau February 11, 2020
Boiler Room X Igloofest: Making history for the entire world to see

DJs Overland, Danny Daze, Ellen Allien and Trance Wax participated in the coldest Boiler Room event to date

Boiler Room, the world-famous music platform, put together their first-ever show in collaboration with Igloofest last Thursday, Feb. 6. It was their coldest event to date, and one of Igloofest’s most attended parties ever.

The London-based company, founded in 2010, has become one of the major players worldwide in the distribution and marketing of electronic music. They claim that they were born as they “installed a webcam on a wall at a warehouse party and streamed it on the internet,” in their very beginning, back in 2010, connecting a larger audience to local underground club cultures.

Boiler Room’s concept of live streaming and archiving their events online became viral. They now have more than three million subscribers on Facebook and two million on YouTube. Hosting regular events in London, Amsterdam, New York City, Berlin, and Los Angeles, they have also been in more than 100 cities worldwide, co-organizing events spanning across many genres, such as garage, house, techno, dub, hip hop, and even jazz.

Although last Thursday was the first time that Boiler Room collaborated with Igloofest, it was not their first time in Montreal. For more than five years, they have streamed and co-organized about 30 parties in the city.

Keeping warm. Photo by Ora Bar.

The Igloofest show was almost sold-out before its lineup was even announced, proving how well-established their reputation is. And when they finally released it, they did not disappoint.

Their special stage, built especially for the one-night event, welcomed, in order of appearance, Vancouver DJ Overland, Miami techno DJ and producer Danny Daze, Berlin techno world-star Ellen Allien, and the British trance project Trance Wax.

The stage was indeed unique to the so-called “off-igloo” night. Instead of using the usual Igloofest configuration, Boiler Room remained true to their style and had an open stage, allowing the public to dance all around it and get close to the action.

“We are very happy and proud to have organized another Boiler Room event with Multicolore,” said Nicolas Cournoyer, co-founder of Igloofest and Piknic Électronik. His company Multicolore manages both festivals. Boiler Room had already participated in Piknic Électronik a few times.

Ellen Allien. Photo by Ora Bar.

“Igloofest was a great fit and interesting experience for Boiler Room, because it gave them something new: a cold and snowy outdoors setting, in the middle of the Quebec winter,” Cournoyer said. “They were very interested.”

As for the music and ambiance last Thursday, needless to say, it was stunning. The thick snowfall and warmer weather called for an even more pleasant experience. The four DJs all put on a great show, the most notable being Ellen Allien and Trance Wax.

We can only wish for Multicolore to bring us more of such events, for us to dance to, and for the world to see what makes Montreal’s party scene so unique.

Photos by Ora Bar


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