By-elections results contested

The results of last November’s CSU by-elections cannot be ratified until a candidate’s contestation is heard at the CSU Judicial Board.

Patrick Magallanes, an Arts and Science student, said he was not allowed to witness the counting of ballots, according to the CSU’s Chief Electoral Officer Patrice Blais. The candidate also said the polling clerks told people how to vote.

Blais dismissed the complaints, so Magallanes took the matter to the Judicial Board.

At last count, Arts and Science candidates Rick Filippone led with 135 votes, followed by Michelle Chung with 123. Scott Farrell (35) and Magallanes (50) were next.

Fine Arts candidate Julie Fowler was confirmed as a councillor with 241 people voting yes and 2 against, but this result is also affected by the recount.

A final result is expected by around Jan. 10.


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