Concordia Model UN reaps rewards in Pennsylvania

Concordia’s Model United Nations (CONMUN) participated in the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC), held late last semester. They came home with three awards for their performance as representatives of Japan and Greece.

Model United Nations conferences simulate world crises, with participants taking on the role of different countries and international organizations.

Among Concordia’s representatives, Philip Ou, a first-year undergraduate, produced an Honorable Mention. Two Verbal Mentions were awarded to Luis Diaz, another freshman, and John Gazo, one of the more experienced delegates on the Model United Nations (MUN) circuit.

According to the Head Delegate for UPMUNC and CONMUN president, Benoit Charron, the Conference’s administration “ran with the delegates in mind by keeping close contact with them and paid attention to their needs. This made it comfortable for us to request things with the Secretariat.”

“The debate level was strong,” said Charron. “We sent experienced and well trained delegates and this challenged us to play in an arena where we are still cubs.”

In addition, CONMUN’s Delegation comprised a majority of first-year undergraduate students compared with past MUN conferences, which consisted of mostly juniors and seniors.

“The greatest reward brought from UPMUNC [apart from the mentions] was the camaraderie created by the artificial scenario of having taken twelve-hour bus rides,” Charron said.

Concordia is scheduled to participate at the 2001 McGill Model United Nations Conference from Jan. 25 to 28.

Michael Vincentijevic is vice-president of external affairs for CONMUN. For more information about CONMUN and its related activities, visit its website at


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