ConU falls to Lady Vees

Hard work didn’t pay off at the Concordia gym as the women’s basketball team lost 60-68 to Laurentian’s Lady Vees Saturday.
“We would have rather won but we know we worked as hard as we could,” said Stinger co-captain Jessica Manchester.
The Laurentian team is ranked tenth nationally and first in the combined Quebec and Ontario conferences. Considering that Concordia is placed near the bottom of the combined conferences a loss by eight points was very good. This was much to the disappointment of the large group of York fans in attendance, who would have probably preferred a larger margin.
Despite the small deficit in points the Stingers had a scared look on their faces during the game as they faced this stronger team. Offensively they hurried passes that led to some turnovers. Concordia did have a strong press that stunted the Laurentian advance while the Stingers easily broke through the Lady Vees rather ineffective one.
High scorers in the game were Laurentian’s Shauna Conway with 28 points and Concordia’s Rosie Douglas with 14 points.
Head Coach Keith Pruden said that he is pleased with how the team played. He however continued “we could have won it and we should have won in my opinion, but thems the breaks.”
Pruden also expressed his displeasure with the referees. He said that a not called travel that in turn led to a Lady Vee to scoring a basket would have only given Laurentian a two-point lead if the travel had been called. An immense discretion, he concluded.
Meanwhile, Manchester hopes to put some more wins on the table. “We know we’re quick and that our pressure can hurt teams. Now we have to focus more on details, small details that make us lose games.”

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