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Exam deferrals approved for April protest

by The Concordian January 24, 2001
Students wishing to demonstrate in Quebec City during a meeting of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) from Apr. 20 to 24 may apply for examination deferrals, Concordia’s senate decided last Friday.
Potential demonstrators must send a letter to their professor and department chair, asking for authorization. The deadline for such a letter will be determined at the next meeting of senate on Feb. 2.
In addition, the registrar’s office must be notified for the regular examination deferral process to take place.
The process for getting an exam deferral is more difficult for those who wish to attend the FTAA protests, said Concordia registrar Lynne Prendergast. Ordinarily, the consent of the professor and the department’s chair is not necessary.
Only non-graduating students are qualified for examination deferral.
Senators voted overwhelmingly to approve the motion, with only one opposing vote from Biology professor Clara Cupples.
At first, two senators expressed concern at the possibility of abuse by those who feel unprepared for an exam.
These were dismissed by senator Patrice Blais, also chair of the CSU council fo representatives.
He said he would find it shocking if anyone would go through so many layers of bureaucracy to be excused from an exam. It would be easier to get a note from Health Services, Blais joked.

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