Lizard pumelled again

The Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA) ran into more trouble with the Concordia Student Union because of racy comments in a engineering student publication called the Frozen Lizard.

CSU councillors and executive publicly stated their displeasure with comments against women and homosexuals. As a result, the council of representatives have asked the ECA to take corrective measures. These include:

– An apology published in both student newspapers.

– An apology to the offended parties.

– Removing the writers and directors of the Frozen Lizard.

– Taking workshops to increase sensitivity to issues pertaining to women and homosexuals.

The CSU council said it would take further action if no reaction was forthcoming.

ECA President Mario Ciaramicoli said he agreed an apology letter should be issued. It is already in the works and should be published within the next week or two, he said.

Ciaramicoli also said the CSU had a right to make a statement. “But we all know the CSU has no jurisdiction [over ECA matters],” he added.

He was particularly upset by the way ECA executives were singled out. “This is just an isolated case. Not all of us [share the opinions of Frozen Lizard material].”

While the Frozen Lizard is produced by engineering students, it is not an official publication of the ECA. It has not been published since November due to the objections over inappropriate comments.


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