The Wedding Planner missing something:

In what turned out to be a very prophetic moment, during a contest before the Monday screening of The Wedding Planner at the Faubourg, three women stood speechless, unable to conjure an ideal, fairy tale date with Matthew McConaughey, the male role in the movie.

The women hummed and hawed but no romantic chord had been struck at the mention of his name and I’m sure that, after seeing this movie their feelings had not been changed.

The Wedding Planner has so much talk of commitment (and so little fear of it) that it reminds me of one of those old fairy tales. But fairy tales tend to have one strong aspect going for them – a knight in shining armour.

When Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) saves Maria Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) from a runaway garbage container, the telling of a true love story is anticipated. Unfortunately the love story is over before the two can even pick themselves off the ground.

One would expect Steve to have to do a little more than save her life in order to be a genuine candidate for the role as the love of her life. However, that significant detail (a little thing called chemistry between characters) is overlooked, and the plot quickly shifts to how the two will overcome the obstacles set before them on the way to the chapel. One of those obstacles is the fact that Steve is already engaged.

This movie should have been about Lopez falling in love with McConaughey. Rather, Lopez is left dealing with his personal problems. Maybe if McConaughey came off as a more likeable character, instead of the condescending and overbearing emotionless robot who just happened to save her life, the audience would have been able to sympathize with his promiscuity dilemma.

Lopez, on the other hand, is convincing me that she’s a good actress and comes off as a sweet and lovable Maria. She doesn’t deserve to be cast next to the monotonous, grinning southern fool given to her by the casting director. What’s worse is that Steve feels assured that he can choose between either Maria or his fianc


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