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Love for hoops and men drives fan to donate time

by The Concordian February 7, 2001
Hannah Lusthaus loves men and she even admits she prefers them particularly tall. Since September 1999, Lusthaus has been the Concordia’s men’s basketball team’s number one fan. She volunteers as a score and time keeper twice a week during their practices and attends most of their home games. Lusthaus says she’s
involved with the team simply for her love of the sport and the players.
Lusthaus admitted it with no hesitation, she loves spending time with the men’s basketball team. “I just like them (players),” giggled Lusthaus. “They are very nice,” she added. On Mondays and Wednesdays Lusthaus goes to the sport complex at Concordia to help out her favourite team. During the two hour practices, she is in charge of keeping the score and the time when the players scrimmage. “I love basketball and the guys are hot and good looking.” Lusthaus maintained she does not have any favourite, but she does appreciate third year player Wayne Alexander. “He’s just a joking kind of guy,” said Lusthaus.
Lusthaus is more than a score keeper. John Dore, head coach of the team, only has great things to say about the young woman. “She’s up-beat and always happy,” explained Dore, “She is very committed to the guys.” Lusthaus even sent
Christmas cards to each player during the holidays. She cheers when the team accomplishes something nice on the court and she is just as sad as the players when they lose a game. “She has very strong feelings towards the team,” added Dore.
Already, after a year and a half, Lusthaus treasures memories from her volunteer work experience. Her best moments lie with the players who graduated last season and she still remembers their names. She was present last March when the team won its conference championship. This winter, the sports magazine at Concordia included a picture the team took after their victory. When the magazine came
out, Lusthaus could not hide her excitement when she saw herself in the picture.
Lusthaus is 23 years old and she was born with down syndrome. Since the disability lightly affects her, Lusthaus is quite independent and autonomous. It is through The Montreal West Readaptation Center that Lusthaus got involved with the Concordia Stingers. Lusthaus grew up near Concordia and she demonstrated an
interest for the men’s basketball team. ” I like men especially when they are tall,” confessed Lusthaus. “My boyfriend is 6 foot 6 inches tall.”
Janis Gervais, her adviser at the centre, approached coach Dore who agreed to let Lusthaus spend time with his team. The centre offers vocational services to adults who are mentally handicapped. The services range from job-training to sheltered workshop.
Lusthaus also takes part in a two year project called Training for Independent Living. The program gives her all the tools she needs to be able to live on her own. She is very proud to say that she will complete the program in a few months from now.
Lusthaus is enjoying her life and her busy schedule. “I did a lot of jobs,” she said. ” I worked in a bakery, I helped out with kids at a camp, I worked as a dish washer at Pizza Hut and soon I will be a secretary on campus” she said proudly. Lusthaus can easily name her favorite hobbies. “I’m a computer wiz, I love music, basketball and boyfriends.”

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