No office for one-man club

Ralliement etudiant Haiti-Canada (REHC), a club that is housed in one of the annexes on Mackay Street, may find themselves out on the curb despite the clubs commissioner’s best attempts to accommodate them.
The REHC’s offices are housed in the second floor of the P-annex on Mackay Street, in a space that is comparatively much larger than space allotted to other clubs, said CSU clubs commisioner Chris Schulz. It was decided that another club, the Concordia University Tamils, would move in and share the space with them as of November.
“Ralliement was active at the time as far as we knew, they had re-registered and applied for money,” Schulz said.
He added that with space at a premium and many clubs searching for a larger space or any space at all, addressing this issue was important.
In the fall, Schulz and REHC president Thierry Dominique had come to an agreement on what needed to be moved out and specifics for the shared club space. A deadline was given for the club to re-organize the space.
As of February, none of the items had been moved, despite ultimatums and correspondence from the student union. Schulz also discovered that Dominique was the only member of the club. Since there were no other members, he determined the club no longer required its allotted space.
“He was very belligerent in his manner and he said he’d get back to me, but he didn’t,” Schulz said.
Despite repeated attempts, the Concordian was unable to contact the REHC through their offices.
A motion was passed at the last CSU council meeting, requiring the club’s only member to see Schulz in person or move out of the space effective Feb. 28.
“When you’re asking an association or a club to leave a space, they should have the opportunity to speak on their behalf,” Schulz said. “But they haven’t had that option because they’ve refused to contact me, so I felt this [case] required the legitimacy of a council resolution.”

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