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Turning the tables on Big Brother

by The Concordian February 7, 2001
Rushing up to a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) information table in the mezzanine last week, a group of students flipped the table over and grabbed a box of pamphlets that was hurled out onto the terrace next to Java U.
The CSIS table was one of many tables that was part of a career fair for Arts and Science students that took place on Feb. 1.
“A gang of 15 to 20 people walked up to the table and they shouted ‘Let’s get the spies off campus’ and ‘Go home big brother’. It happened so quickly. A few of them were trying to get the box of pamphlets from under the table,” said
Caspian Kilkelly, an assistantco-ordinator of the safety patrol who happened to be at the fair.
Paul Aub

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