Admin’s Macs stolen

The university was robbed sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.
Thieves made off with computers located in the Bishop’s Court building on SGW campus, which houses Concordia’s administration. There was no evidence of forced entry, and the burglar alarm was disarmed.
Eleven iMacs were stolen, said Concordia spokesperson Chris Mota. Some staff also lost their computer towers, while monitors, keyboards and mouses were left
The Macintosh computers are inscribed with the university’s security code (OP6008215) which should make their disposal somewhat more difficult for the
thieves, especially if the computers are linked up to the Internet. The theft was discovered the following morning, and Concordia Security is working closely with the police on the investigation.
Darren Dumoulin from Concordia Security said no confidential files or other information pertaining to students was stolen.

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