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Redemption and the futile search for something that is out of one’s reach is what the characters of Beyond Mozambique by George F. Walker strive to achieve.

This absurdist comedy, directed by Ryan Madden, takes place after World War II in an African jungle. It explores the desires and fantasies of six characters and what in their past triggered them.

Parrallax, a Concordia theatre troupe, will be putting on the play – its first performance ever – this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The first of its kind at Concordia, Parrallax was started in September 2000 by Madden, an English
literature student who has a passion for theatre.

“I love theatre,” said Madden, “I started Parrallax because I saw a need for an outlet for students who have the desire to act, but did not have an opportunity to do so. There is no other theatre organization that caters to non-theatre students. A theatre troupe is something that Concordia needed.”

The author of Beyond Mozambique, George F. Walker, is well-known Canadian playwright from eastern Toronto, and has written over 20 plays.

Beyond Mozambique is a play about how the characters’ past play into their present lives. This is especially true of the characters Dr. Enrico Rocco and Rita, played by Marco Danna and Maria Violini.

“I feel close to my character, as if I am his teeth,” said Danna, a joint specialization English and History student, who is passionate about theatre and attended the National Theatre School in Montreal. “Dr. Rocco is an obsessive

workaholic with a troubled past who wants to advance his medical career.” “Rita is an ex-porn star, who wants to become a classy movie star who is obsessed with Rita Hayworth,” said Violini, an Art History student who has done
theatre in high school and community theatre.

These colourful characters draw the audience in and make the audience want more. Moreover, the serious issues that are presented are livened up with comic relief by the characters’ stupidity.

Both Danna and Violini agree that Parrallax has been a great experience for personal growth and for meeting people.

“Parrallax is a great idea and I would do another play with them. This group is fun and energetic and there is a sense of community. Theatre has a real element of play and it is very rewarding. There is no way you cannot grow,” said Danna.

Madden is hoping that Parrallax will continue again next year. “Next year I would like to do a play by a Concordia playwright.”

The stage allows the audience to be intimate with the actors, who are to be commended for their talent. The stage makes the audience feel a part of the play, especially the strange ending.

Beyond Mozambique plays on March 8, 9, 10 at 8:15 pm at the Salle Intime at Theatre Prospero 1371 Ontario St. Tickets: $5 for students and $8 for adults. Call for reservation: 282-4172 or 790-1245.


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