Lightstone not welcome

Students voted by a 3-to-1 margin against the possibility that vice-rector (research) and provost Dr. Jack Lightstone ever be considered as a future rector of this university.
One thousand seventy-two students voted yes, while 316 voted no to the question.
It asked students to warn the university’s Board of Governors that Lightstone never be allowed to become rector of Concordia, because the student union alleges that Dr. Lightstone considers education to be a commodity.
When asked about these results, CSU president Rob Green said that he was not surprised.
“He [Lightstone] consistently worked against the student and the public interest,” Green said. He also accused Lightstone of serving corporate interests instead of those of the university’s students. Asked about specific examples, Green said that Lightstone adopted a cavalier attitude to the CSU’s recommendations when the performance contract issue came up, and that he basically avoided consultations with the CSU.
Dr. Frederic Lowy, the university’s rector, rebutted Green’s accusations and said that “Dr. Lightstone is a fair man, a caring man, a fine professor, and a hard working director.”
He also said that the referendum result was completely irrelevant , and had no bearing upon the hiring committee’s mandate.
“In any case, my term is not up until 2003, and I have absolutely no intentions of leaving.”
When asked as to whether Lightstone had anything to say about the referendum
result, his secretary said that “Dr. Lightstone has nothing to say.”

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