ConU students can profit from benefits

As the weekly routine of school begins to set in, students are starting to
notice that it takes a little more money then expected to make things living on your own work. As you stare at your bare fridge and look to the side of you where your bed should be, all you notice is a mattress without any support.
Those long hard nights on the floor make it difficult to wake up each morning for school. The hope of a day with a full fridge and a comfortable bed are hard to set in your mind. But, you keep on dreaming.
Students are faced with many dilemmas but one everlasting problem is that most students are strapped for cash. The fact is that money doesn’t grow on trees and students have a lot to pay for. It all adds up in the end, with books, tuition, rent, food and travel expenses, students are left wondering where their money is.
One major problem is that most students are stressed with supporting a job and school because it is very hard to manage your time, therefore many students seek money in another way besides a part-time job. But, one name might change some students lives, Richard Beno


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