Innocent lives lost

That’s what comes to mind following the atrocity that occurred Tuesday morning after suicide terrorists crashed hijacked jetliners into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.
The horrific images of an airliner crashing into one of the stately symbols of capitalism and watching them crumble to the ground soon after causes quite a stir of emotions in any person, whether they be king or commoner, American or not.
Disbelief hits first, followed soon after by fear – what if that happened here? Are my family and I safe from this threat, which has been a black cloud over so-called peace-time?
The realization hits soon after, however, that thousands have perished in a cowardly and thoughtless act of agression that many of us don’t understand. Our fears turn to anger, towards those who took the lives of these innocent people. Just everyday people like you and me, working, living and going through the paces of life, are suddenly gone.
Now, the tedious task of sifting through the rubble, looking for some insight on who was responsible, begins.
But when we find out the person or group who committed this horrific deed, then what?
Will the United States and her allies (including Canada) lash out against a country that houses a particular group which will be eventually held accountable?
An unnamed US official was quoted by the Reuters news agency in Washington as saying that people with links to the US’s most wanted terrorism suspect, Saudi Osama Bin Laden, could be responsible. If this is the case, is bombing the entire country of Afghanistan, or another nation holding those involved justified?
There were thousands of innocent people who died Tuesday. Men, women and children had their lives stolen from them. The deaths of other innocent men, women and children are not justified elsewhere. Will the United States and her allies, be any better than the terrorists we strive to eliminate if they do strike with a mighty military force?
A child in Canada, the United States, or a country like Afghanistan, which could be a target of retaliation, does not understand the monumental conflict which they have no part in.
Lives should not be paid for by lives. The person or group responsible, without punishing the innocent anymore than they have already, should be brought forward.

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