New locks installed on administration offices

Bishop’s Court, the offices of the top administrators at Concordia, has
increased its security over the last two weeks after at least two individuals were threatened.
“The security changes are a result of a series of events that have occurred at Concordia over the last few months,” said Dennis Murphy, the executive director of communications.
According to Murphy, there was a computer theft last spring at Bishop’s Court, prompting an increase in security. Two weeks ago, two people from the offices were threatened two weeks ago. Murphy would not identify the two individuals.
The new security features include a guard who does not allow anyone to pass and to get into the building you must have an appointment. There are new locks on the main doors that were installed two weeks ago. Also, there is a calling box where you must be buzzed in the building.
“Another reason why we implemented the new features was because two staff members were assaulted, [on July 20] and we want to ensure that people who come to the offices have legitimate business,” said Murphy.
Murphy added that he did not feel any more or less secure in the newly secured building.

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