The summer fun is never ending at ConU

It is the first day of school and you are walking towards the Hall Building ready for the day to come. Taking this walk means that summer is officially over. As you look around at your new home for the next year, you notice students everywhere: on the street, smoking, talking, getting on and off the shuttle bus and rushing from here to there. Everyone is headed off somewhere. Excitement fills you for the journey you are about to embark on or are about to continue, but you cannot help but wonder where students go when they are not in class or where they go at night.
To find out where students go in between classes and at night is something that takes a little time to figure out, especially if you are new at Concordia. Not to fret, there are all kinds of places around both campuses where you can hang out. Whether you enjoy hip-hop music, pubs, or coffee shops, there are plenty of places to go in Montreal to suit everyone’s needs.
At the Sir George Williams (SGW) campus there are a few places where students congregate. One of these places is Java U, on the second floor of the Hall Building. Java U is a trendy coffee shop that offers all kinds of coffees, drinks and a variety of sandwiches. The atmosphere at Java U is a relaxing one where you can sit and enjoy your coffee while doing your homework or talking with friends.
Just a few feet away from Java U is Concordia’s bar, Reggie’s. They are licensed to sell alcohol on campus and if you feel like having a cold beer after a long day at school then Reggie’s is the spot.
Another spot in the Hall Building where students gather is the cafeteria on the seventh floor. Not only can you get your ordinary cafeteria food, which will be improved upon this year said Robert MacIver, the director of auxiliary services, but the cafeteria will also have a counter for the People’s Potato. The People’s Potato will offer free vegan lunches everyday. These lunches are available for students who don’t have enough cash to buy a lunch, as well as other students.
Off the SGW campus there are many coffee shops, pubs and clubs just minutes away, such as Cafe Depot, Second Cup, Tim Horton’s and Java U. They are all located within steps of Concordia’s doors.
As for pubs, Woody’s and McKibbin’s are located on Bishop St. south of de Maisonneuve St., while just a street down on Crescent St. there is Brutopia and Sir Winston’s. One thing for sure is that on Crescent St. there are a variety of things to do from going to pubs to going shopping.
A little further on Stanley St. there is great African club called Safari, which offers African music and hip-hop music. On the other hand if you like Latin music there is Copacabana on de Maisonnueve St., east of Drummond St. Whatever flavour of music you are looking for Montreal has every type to fit every need.
At the Loyola campus students hang out at the Guadagni Lounge, which is situated on the fourth floor of the CC-Building.The lounge has pool tables, couches and a food counter to buy all sorts of goodies. Another place where students meet is the cafeteria next to the Vanier Library. Above the cafeteria there is the Hive, where student groups have parties during the year.
Off the Loyola campus there is slim picking of where to go. A few minutes east of the Loyola campus is Souvlaki George on Monkland St. Heading west on Sherbrooke St. there is La Brise a nice coffee shop and New Moon, a restaurant with great club sandwiches. On St.Jacques Street West, there is also McDonald’s and Harvey’s if you are craving burgers or if you are in the mood for beer there is PJ’s, right next to the Super C.
Some of the best places to go out in Montreal are further east. St-Laurent has all kinds of clubs, bars, lounges, coffee shops and restaurants. A good alternative and rock club is the Loft on St.Laurent and Ste. Catherine, which also features dance and Hip-Hop music. For those of you who want to try Latin music and don’t know the moves, Conga Rooms on St-Laurent and Rachel St. is a good place to try a new type of dancing. One of the best places for hip-hop is the Jet Club on 1003 Ste.Catherine East.
To find out which type of outing you would like to do, go to HMV on Peel St. and Ste. Catherine, and pick up the free nightlife magazine. The magazine has a detailed list of different kinds of pubs, clubs, lounges, and restaurants, as well as their locations. If you feel like taking a walk, just head out to Crescent St. and enjoy all the clubs along the strip.Just take your pick.
With all the fun places to go around Concordia summer is never really over, it just continues on, until the first few signs of snow flakes begin to appear and we all begin to pull out our winter coats. But, a little snow won’t stop Concordia students from having some fun in Montreal, nothing stops students from having fun.

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