A vintage passion for fashion

As every year passes by, a collection of clothing becomes a history in our lives. Some we would never dare to wear and some that seem appropriate for our everyday wardrobe. The style and the line of colours is what make things happen.
But what is vintage clothing? Some people might say that vintage fashion is clothes from the past, beginning from the 1900s until possibly the late 1980s.
When I think of it, the only thing that comes in my mind is the hippie age of the 1960s and the ’70s, the clothing of bell bottoms to platform shoes. This trend of vintage fashion has come back after 25 years because the generations enjoyed the trend and now we will certainly enjoy living it in our time.
Sonia Bamboukian, the storeowner of Pure Allure, clearly knows the definition of vintage. Bamboukian, 26, was born in Lebanon and came to Montreal when she was three years old. She was a shy kid who loved to read, but eventually out grew her shyness with the opening of her own store.
Bamboukian graduated from Concordia three years ago with a degree in psychology.
But her love for fashion came before anything. “I got up in the morning, it took me hours to get dressed,” she said, “it wasn’t about getting dressed, it was just about putting something together co-ordinating the colours. People used to ask me where I got my stuff and I always used to tell them, go to this store, go to that store.”
Bamboukian is creative as well as a perfectionist, which she points out, annoys everybody. “As a child, I really couldn’t draw, I still can’t draw and all my family could paint and stuff, and I thought I wasn’t creative because I couldn’t paint and draw, and it really upset me, then I started to make necklaces and someone called me an artist once.” That’s when Bamboukian realized she was also creative.
What sparked her interest in vintage clothing, was when she was 19. While taking the bus from Vend


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