Agenda or anarchist manifesto?

The problems with our student union just keep on coming. And whether they meant it or not, it has clearly been on a path to make Concordia University the laughing stock of academia.
The latest attack against the CSU concerns the 2001-2002 Agenda. It is full of distasteful material that has offended many students, and others generally.
The section on drugs is very good in theory, but encouraging students to take drugs is just plain stupid. There is more: the use of vulgar pictures such as a collage called “CUNT” that appears in the Sex Ed. portion of the agenda and the picture of a woman bearing her breasts and wearing a dildo on page 81 are just disgusting.
The content of the CSU agenda is another problem. The themes of this agenda seem to be revolution, resistance to authority, anti-corporation, anti-conformity, anti-men, liberation, gay liberation, anarchy, and a slew of other related themes. Now some of these are important, such as gay rights and homosexuality.
We have a gay population at Concordia and it is important to offer information concerning services and issues that are of matter to this community.
Unfortunately, the CSU dealt with it by publishing poems, anti-heterosexual literature and other content that is offensive to gay and straight people alike.
The content is graphic, vulgar and radical.
The rest of the agenda touches on similar delicate issues and blows them out of the water. The content is horrible and should have never left the cutting room floor. July 1st is “Anti-Canada Day: burn the flag.” Who do these people think they are? The agenda should not be full of anti-imperialist and anarchist propaganda. It should be filled with university-related issues. We come to university to learn. The “critical thinking” should be done in the classroom, not in the agenda.
The CSU has a not-so-popular newsletter: it should use that as a means for spreading its propaganda. At least that way people choose to read it, not like now where students who want an organizing tool – partially paid for with their money – have to be subjected to distasteful literature and radical ideas.
Our student union agenda should be nonpartisan, informational and tasteful. If I had a dollar for every use of the word “fuck” in the agenda, I would probably be able to pay for my tuition. We pay for this agenda, we pay for that union, we pay for all the services the union provides, but the fact remains that elected representatives have taken our money to further their own political views and force them upon us and the general public.
The student union should be ashamed. This latest saga shows they are not fit to be leaders.

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